Friday, November 18, 2011

Zoya Kristen and Lynnderella Connect the Dots!

Hi Everyone...  I guess I'm on a "zoya streak" lately.  I have another one for you today.  I had to get her she has my middle name--Kristen (spelled correctly and all)!  Also, I participated in a "group buy" and now I finally own some Lynnderellas!!  Yay!  Let's get started..  Kristen is up first...

held hand up to window.. you can see shade from the screen 

Kristen is from Zoya's new "Feel Collection." Six new neutral colors were released  last week and I'm glad because I'm tired of glitter already :)
Kristen is a light gray-blue..   This color is pretty, it's just not one I would pick that often.  I'm usually drawn to darker colors.  Kristen is a bit too pastel for my liking.  The formula was excellent.  Kristen was fully opaque with two coats

Since Kristen was kinda dull, I knew I had the perfect polish to spice her up..  Lynnderella's Connect the Dots..

Gahhhhh!  Love it!  Was so excited to finally have it!!  This top coat is so much fun.. it really does remind me of a Connect the Dots Puzzle!!

Lynnderella polishes are hard to come by.  You have to stalk Lynnderella's Blog to see when her shop is open, then you have to hurry and get your order in as her shop usually closes quite quickly.  Connect the Dots is so simple, but unique.  Above is 2 coats over Kristen... if you look close, you can see the base is a milky shimmer!!  I love it!!

Soon, you will be able to purchase Lynnderella's polishes at Llarowe, so keep your eyes peeled...


  1. I like Kristen on you, it's very pretty! I want CtD so bad! It's the most unique layering glitter I've ever seen! =)

  2. Glad you had a good experience with the formula, since Scrangie said the formula was icky. Hopefully, hers were the anomaly! Looks so cute with CTD!

  3. I thought the formula was excellent .. especially for a creme.. All the zoyas I've ever tried have had excellent formulas :)

  4. O.O OMG that is such an amazing mani!!! *swoons*

  5. This is the first glitter ever to make me happy! I got two bottles and may need a third! So awesome!


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