Saturday, November 19, 2011

Models Own "Pinky Brown" from the Beetle Juice Collection...

Hey Guys... I received my first Models Own polishes today in the mail and couldn't wait to apply Pinky Brown.  I'm not too familiar with Models Own.  They are made in the UK and just released their "Beetle Juice" Collection.  Anyway, I saw an opportunity to go in on a group-buy, so I jumped on it and purchased two colors from the Beetle Juice Collection....

Here is Pinky Brown:
Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight-- different angle

Indoors with flash
Indoors--right beside window

Indoors--Natural Light
Obviously with a name like Pinky Brown (not too original), you already know the polish is a duochrome. But... where's the pink and where's the brown??  I see copper..  I see magenta.. I see purple... that's about it.  This polish is neat.  The different colors ARE there.  I guess I just wouldn't have named it "Pinky Brown."  This is three coats with one coat of Out the Door topcoat.  I like this foily duochrome, but I'm a pink lover and expected it to be a little more pink.
Once again, Dugan followed me everywhere I went :)

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