Friday, November 11, 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection...

Hi Everyone...I've been waiting for these glitters to become available for a while now.  As soon as I saw I could order them through The Industry Source, I jumped right on it.  There's been so much hype about this new collection, but is it worth it??  Let's see..

Up first are Marry a Millionaire and Material Girl:
Marry a Millionaire, MAM over Zoya Caitlin, Material Girl, MG over NOPI All Kendall-ed UP
Marry a Millionaire alone (top) is such a fun busy glitter!! There is tiny purple glitter in a clear base with tons of small green, silver, pink, gold (and maybe more) bar glitter!  It's crazy and I like it.  You should layer Marry a Millionaire so you can see this glitter party a bit more clearly.
Material Girl (top) and MG over NOPI All Kendall-ed Up... Holy Pink!!  I usually love pink, but this is kinda out of control.  It really wasn't necessary to layer Material Girl as all the small pink glitter and and the larger silver glitter are in a think pink base.  This formula was THICK.. too thick.

Next two are Lorelei's Tiara and Blonde Bombshell:
Lorelei's Tiara, LT over OPI DS Radiance, Blonde Bombshell, BB over CG Champagne Bubbles
Lorelei's Tiara is tons of small silver glitter with larger blue hex glitter.  This formula was OK.. kinda thick.  It's not really original.. it's just kinda mah.  Maybe it would have looked better layered over a different color.
I don't really think I like one thing about Blonde Bombshell except the name!  It was thick and goopey and I just don't care for gold.  The formula is just like Material Girl, except in gold.  It's kinda boring.  Definitely going up for a swap.

Last two are Love Marilyn and Some Like it Haute:
Love Marilyn, LM over Essie French Affair, Some Like it Haute, SLIH over OPI Black Onyx
Love Marilyn is tons of small red  and larger silver glitter in a clear base.  I like it.  It screams "Christmas!"  Love Marilyn could be worn alone with 3 to 4 coats.  Pictured above (left) is only 2 coats.  I like it over French Affair... it looks like a sprinkle cookie. Love Marilyn's formula is nice and smooth.
Some Like it Haute is fun too.  Not original, but fun!!  It's full of small silver and black glitter and larger holographic is thrown in here and there.  Some Like it Haute has a clear base, so layering this one is best.  I like how it shines on OPI's Black Onyx.

Some Like it Haute Reminded me of something.... As soon as I glanced at my Wet N Wild Glitters, I found a dupe (well close enough).. Take a look:
Left- CG Some Like it Haute, Right- WnW Diamond in the Rough
I'm kinda 50/50 with this whole collection.  There really isn't anything "original" about it. (Except Marry a Millionaire).  If you think you MUST have these glitters, check your collection, I bet you have something close to the color you're lemming.


  1. so sparkly! i love your color combos!

  2. Material Girl looks like the pink version of It's Alive to me, pretty!


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