Sunday, November 27, 2011

Essence Nail Art Twins.. Chuck & Blair

Hey Again...  Today I'm posting my first set of Essence Nail Art Twins...  Chuck and Blair.  Chuck is the blue base and Blair is the glitter topcoat.  Essence makes a few sets like this with "famous" couples.  I've watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl to know who Chuck and Blair are, but I don't watch the show regularly.  (Is it still even on?)  Anyway, this is a cute concept, naming sets after famous couples.  These polishes aren't readily available in the U.S.  I purchased this set from a gal who lives in Europe who sells/swaps in a facebook group we both belong to.

First up is the base color, Chuck:

Chuck looks blue in these pictures.  There was absolutely no sun today here in Ohio, so I sat in my bathtub directly under a window hoping for some nice lighting.  Chuck isn't blue.. he's a blue-purple and I just couldn't capture his true color today.  Anyway, the formula was easy to work with.  Full opacity was reached with two coats.  Chuck does NOT have to be with Blair to look good.  LOL  I would definitely wear him alone, also.

Here is two coats of Blair over Chuck:

Blair's kinda boring.  In the bottle, it looks like there's black glitter, but  Blair just contains medium and small silver hex glitter with small holo glitter in a clear base.  I curse the day I decided to buy a hot pink camera because you can see my camera's reflection in the glitter!! ;)

So, I'm in no hurry to wear either one of these again.  I don't hate this combo, they really just don't do anything for me.  Do you  own any of the Essence Nail Art Twins?  Which pair is your favorite?


  1. totally agree with you Jodi. I wore this last week and haven't posted it yet. Left me a bit meh too x

  2. Chuck is an everyday purple cream and Blair is a silver glitter? BORING. I can see why you weren't feeling the pair.

    Maybe Chuck needs a new girl...

  3. Oh I <3 Chuck+Blair, and I think it looks fab on you! My fave set is Bonnie+Clyde, but it stained very badly.

  4. That is the most beautiful blue. I'm sad they don't have these sets here.

  5. I have and LOVE Chuck! It's the most amazing blue cream ever! <3 I have been lemming Blair to complete my set. I do wish they would have made Blair a multicolored glitter instead of just silver though. Still really pretty though! :D


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