Monday, November 14, 2011

November Birchbox

Hey Everyone.. I wanted to post some new polishes I just received in the mail, but I'm sicker than a dog today (why do people say that?  Dogs aren't always sick) so I'll just be doing a boring post about my birchbox. LOL.  I'm still on the fence about birchbox.  I feel like I like half of the items each month.  November is only my 3rd month, so I'll stick with it for a while.  For those of you who aren't familiar with birchbox, click here.

You could probably just send me a box full of bubble wrap and I'd be happy because I love nail mail (or anything that isn't a bill)
Everything is always packaged so cute.  I like surprises, so it's like Christmas once a month. :)
Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain...  I like this perfume.  It's a bit too strong for me, but not that bad.  I wouldn't spend the $84 on the bottle, though.
I do love this Eucalyptus body lotion by Thymes.. it's awesome!!  $24 for a large bottle (9.25 fl oz) is worth it.  This bottle is perfect for my purse.  I want to try the Borghese  Hydrating Mud, but my skin is so sensitive, I'm not sure what I'll do.. I may just give it to a friend.
A Zoya!!!  One of my favorite zoyas at that.  It's Sooki and it's my current favorite red!!  Zoya polishes are amazing!!  I want a billion of these cute little bottles!!  As for the "Two Paper Dolls" paper coasters... eh, not so much.
Last, Thymes Kimono Rose body lotion.  I don't like  rose scent, but the lotion is nice.  I'm glad I got the larger size in the eucalyptus!!

What did you get in your November Birchbox?  I think they make like 22 different boxes, so there's something for everyone!!


  1. Saw you on Destany's blog and came over and followed you!

  2. Thanks, Fingers! I love Destany's blog :)

  3. I've been seeing a bit here and there of birchbox but I don't know too much on it. I am very tempted to try the subscription one day lol. Thanks for the helpful info. :)


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