Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 5/31/12

I can't believe it's Thursday already!!  This week is flying by so fast!!  Here is a water marble I did with Orly's Feel the Vibe Collection.  I really like how my Orly Splatter turned out, so I decided to try to water marble with them.. (it wasn't so easy)..

Orly Feel the Vibe Water Marble:

I started with two coats of a white creme and after that dried, I marbled with all four of the neons that are a part of Orly's Feel the Vibe Collection.  These neon polishes are a bit more difficult to marble with because the formula is so sheer.  The polish wouldn't "drip" in to the water, so I had to dab the brush in each time to build my bulls-eye.   You can tell these polishes are sheer because you can see the white base (especially on my thumbnail).  Although this was a pretty difficult marble, I'm still pleased with the final result. :)  

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  1. They turned out amazing. I love them. They are gorgeous! Great job.

  2. wow! This water marbling looks amazing. I love how bright it looks.

  3. This is beautiful! I hope I can somehow make my marbles look like flowers lol

  4. I'm really sad that I still wasn't able to get my hands on the Orly neons, it looks awesome!

  5. do you really have to be this good at marbling jodi? ;)

  6. I can't water marble to save my life - you do such an amazing job!!

  7. This is so awesome! You are an amazing water marbler! :)

  8. You are soo good at water marbling. These are beautiful and look just like tropical flowers :)

  9. This is great! I love it, all the colors look great together!

  10. Here's how the conversation went earlier this week
    ME "you can't really water marble with neons"
    JODI "check out this awesome water marble I did with neons"
    ME "WHAAAAAAAAAAA?????????

    You are KILLING me!!!! This is amazeballs! As always!!!

    1. lol... I didn't say "awesome" ;)

  11. I wish neons worked on a black base, but I just can't get it to work! This looks so good though, I wish my marbles came out like do you get so many colors on one nail?

  12. Whoa so pretty! It's so well done! Me likey :)

  13. Your Water Marbling Nails look GREAT!!!


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