Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I did a guest post....

Check out my guest post I happily wrote for Destany at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom..

Hi Everyone!  I'm excited to write this guest post for Destany while she's busy writing.  I knew which polishes I would swatch as soon as she asked if I wanted to do a guest post.  This first polish is named after Destany.  It's a franken by our friend, Erika at polish fixation The name of this polish is "Sparkling Pingleberry":

Sparkling Pingleberry is packed full of tiny multi-colored glitter and scattered round glitter is a rich grape-y base... It's such a fun color!!  I love frankens.  I haven't made any yet myself, but it's pretty cool having some polishes that are one-of-a-kinds!!

Next up is a franken made by Destany herself.  It's called Panic Under Pressure II":

I saw a post of the original Panic Under Pressure in a nail polish group Destany and I both belong to.  I asked her if she could re-create some for me and she came so close that she named it Panic Under Pressure II.  Panic Under Pressure II and Sparkling Pingleberry are quite similar.  Panic is darker than Pingleberry and it contains tons of  small pink glitter.  I love both of these polishes and hope to obtain many more polishes mixed up by my fellow polish-lovers!! 

Thanks for asking me to write this post, Destany.  It was fun!  Good luck in you writings!!

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