Monday, November 21, 2011

Color Club... Hot Like Lava and Candy Cane

Tis the season for glitter, so I'd better jump on the bandwagon and post more glitter pictures!  Today I have Hot Like Lava and Candy Cane, both from Color Club.  Hot Like Lava is from The Foiled Collection and Candy Candy is from The Beyond the Mistletoe Collection.

First up is Hot Like Lava:
Direct Light

Direct Light

Natural Light

With Flash
Hot Like Lava is a dark dusty pink foil.   Full opacity is reached with one coat (pictured is two coats) and application is a breeze.  I'm really impressed with the quality of all the Color Clubs I've tried.  They are inexpensive (especially if you get them in the Ross Set), yet they apply just a good if not better than more expensive brands.

Here is Candy Cane over Hot Like Lava:

Both pictures above are in direct light.  Only one coat of Candy Cane is needed if you're wearing it as a topcoat.  Candy Cane has a clear base packed full of tiny silver and pink glitter.  Application with Candy Cane is easy with little clean-up needed.
Candy Cane Alone
This combo is my favorite out of all the Foiled + Beyond the Mistletoe.  Do you have a favorite combo?


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