Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tough As Nails Lacquer.. The Great Butter Rebellion and Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole

Happy Thanksgiving US readers!!  Thanksgiving Dinner is my favorite meal of all!!  Today I'll be spending time with family.. eating until I'm zombie-like and biting my tongue when certain loved ones make the same ignorant remarks year after year! LOL.

I knew I'd post these two polishes today as soon as they went on sale!  The Great Butter Rebellion and Shut You Sweet Potato Pie Hole by Tough As Nails Lacquer are perfect for Thanksgiving..

The Great Butter Rebellion:

The Great Butter Rebellion really is a gorgeous buttery golden glitter!  It's packed full of golden flakes and glitter in a clear base.  I have two coats followed by topcoat in the above pictures.  Application was a breeze and the formula was perfect!  I really love all my polishes from Tough As Nails.. they're all top notch quality!

Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole:

The name of this polish is hysterical!!  Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole contains orange, gold and holo glitters in a jelly base that is the exact same color as a sweet potato pie!!!  I have two coats of SYSPPH, a coat of gelous, and topcoat in the above pictures.  This one was a bit more "bumpy" than my other polishes from Tough As Nails, but it's nothing a nice coat of gelous can't fix.
Here's what Eliz-a Bee has to say about SYSPPH:
"Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole does not have time to be bothered with your silly boy problems, reasons why you can't help set the table, or how you're just so tired lately. She is just too darn busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner!"
Ha!  Good Stuff!!  If you'd like to purchase these two or any other polish from Tough As Nail Lacquer...check out their Etsy shop here.  You can also keep up to date with new polishes, sales, and other news from Tough As Nails Lacquer here on facebook.

**Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!**

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