Friday, November 2, 2012

A few new colors from Pretty & Polished

Happy Friday Everyone!!  I have some new colors from Pretty & Polished to share with you today.  I think my first "indies" were from Pretty & Polished.  Chelsea has been creating beautiful polishes before indies became "all the rage".  She's experienced, creative and I always trust I'm purchasing a polish of great quality when I buy from her..

First up are two polishes from the holiday line that will only be sold as a duo beginning Nov. 9th...

Happy Holodays Duo:
Ruby Holo base alone

The Happy Holodays Duo consists of a beautiful ruby red base with subtle holo shimmer (shown in the above picture).  It's such a pretty cranberry base.  I wore this one alone and it's stunning!!
Happy Holodays Duo

Happy Holodays Duo

Happy Holodays Duo

When you add the red and green holo topper, these two polishes are magical!  The holo shine is gorgeous, but not overbearing.  It's not just a "plain ole green and red."  The glitters have a festive glow that just screams "Christmas!!"  I have two coats of the the red and green topper over the ruby base in the above pics.  The formula was amazing with both polishes!!

Everybody Loves Penguin:

I love Everybody Loves Penguin!!  I love the crelly base and the big black hex glitters!!  This polish has the sheerness of a jelly and creaminess of a creme..  "crelly" bases are my favorite.. I love how the glitters swim around in Everybody Loves Penguin!  Some polishes with a crelly base are sticky and goopy, but not this one.  The formula is amazing!  I have two coats of ELP over Venique Wingtip White (which happens to be a gorgeous white cream), followed by topcoat.  Also, if you're a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you're gonna love Everybody Loves Penguin!!  This one is also a part of the holiday collection and will be available Nov. 9th.

Pretty as a Peacock:

Pretty as a Peacock has an army green shimmery base with micro purple glitter and small & medium aqua hex glitters.  This polish will be a part of the core line and will be available Wed, Nov 7th.  The turquoise and purple glitters are a pretty combo.  The purple glitter switches to a brighter purple in different light. I have two coats of Pretty as a Peacock followed by topcoat in the above pics.  Again, the formula is awesome and I had no issues with application.

**Pretty & Polished polishes can be purchased here on Etsy.
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--Polishes in this post were provided for review


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers fan? How bout a Pittsburgh Penguins fan? That polish could not be more perfect, name and all! Now let's hope the NHL comes back soon so I can wear that every game day :)

    1. I hadn't even thought of the penguins... I live in Cleveland lol.

  2. I love how perfectly festive the Happy Holodays Duo is! These are all amazing!

  3. I love them all! My absolute favorite one though is Happy Holodays Duo. Its so glossy & festive.

  4. I have to agree, Everybody Loves Penguin is AWESOME!!

  5. WOW! It's been awhile since I have visited your blog and as always your swatches blow me away! I need to add you to my Bloglovin' so I get your posts every day!


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