Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIFFERENT Dimension Santa Baby Collection

Happy Tuesday and Happy Election Day to everyone in the US!!  Get out and vote.. it's gonna be a close one!! 

 Today I have three polishes from DIFFERENT Dimension's "Santa Baby" line.  Each polish name is part of a lyric from the Christmas song, "Santa Baby." (Cute concept :))..

I'll Wait Up for You Dear:

I'll Wait Up for You Dear is a classic Christmas glitter... plain & simple green and red glitter in a clear base. A classic.  The formula is fantastic.  The glitter consistency is dense, so you can wear I'll Wait Up for You Dear alone with two coats (on pinkie and index) or as a topper with one coat.  I have one coat over Barry M Mint Green on my ring finger and one coat over Venique Wingtip White on my middle finger.  Each finger is topped off with a coat of topcoat. I love IWUFYD over the mint.. it looks like a Christmas Cookie!!

I've Been an Awful Good Girl:

I've Been an Awful Good Girl is so pretty and girly.  The formula is also wonderful with this one!!  The white base contains pink shimmer and lavender & pink glitter scattered throughout.  I used two coats followed by topcoat in the above pics.  Crelly based polishes are my favorite, so needless to say.. I love this!!

Sign Your 'X' on the Line:

Sign Your 'X' on the Line is a gorgeous gold and silver topper!  It's a great alternative to all those more expensive real gold toppers that are so popular right now, plus this one has the gold AND silver all in one!  I have two coats over Bettina Onix, Venique Wingtip White and China Glaze Poinsettia followed by topcoat in the the above pics. (sidenote: Poinsettia stains SOOO badly).  I really like Sign Your 'X' on the Line over white and the mix of the gold flakies and silver shards is perfect!  I think I'll end up wearing this to a Holiday Party.  :)

**Each and every polish I have from DIFFERENT Dimension is remarkable.  The consistency of each polish is always awesome, application is always easy and the glitter ratio always seems "just right."  If you're thinking of purchasing some Holiday Indies, I'd definitely pick up some from the Santa Baby Collection!**

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--DIFFERENT Dimension Polishes were sent for review


  1. These are beautiful! I love how you swatched them over multiple colors!!! =)

  2. Is I've Been an Awful Good Girl a dupe of Pretty & Polished Cheer Camp???

    1. hmmm... I dunno. I don't have that one. I'll have to do some google image searching..now you have me curious

    2. It looks pretty close. I guess with all the indies out there... a few are bound to look alike

    3. The P&P Cheer Camp is more of a peach base with less sparkle. I wouldn't call it a dupe by any means.

    4. Cheer Camp's glitters are not pink and purple holo, they're matte and I've been an awful good girl is a white base with pink shimmer...so not a dupe :)

    5. Thanks for letting me know Lyssie and Cupcakes!! :)

  3. Awfully Good Girl looks especially pretty! I just placed an order not five minutes ago for some of her other polishes and can't wait to try them. ^_^

  4. Hi...long time browser here. Lol Your pics of "I've been an awful good girl" just made me purchase it! I really look forward to your reviews! Thanks so much for the great reference pics!


    1. Thanks Jess... that's really sweet!! :)


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