Monday, November 5, 2012

Ozotic 528

Happy Monday Everyone!!  It's official, I'm a polish hoarder.. seriously.  I have this basket full of untried polishes and every now and then I'll sort through it.  Last week, I found my bottle of Ozotic 528 and realized I have a serious problem.  I mean who would keep this as an "untried" for nearly nine months???  Me!  Ugh!  I think I was waiting for a sunny day to wear it and just forgot about it..  Oh well, at least it was a nice surprise to "find" it again!  It's absolutely gorgeous...

Ozotic 528:

Whoa, 528 is simply amazing!!   It contains multi-chrome glitter in a clear base.  I have one coat of Ozotic 528 over OPI Black Onyx in the above pics.  The glitters primarily change from blue to pink depending how the light hits them, but I see green and purple too.  I think it's time for me to order another Ozotic.. maybe this time I'll wear it before nine months.. lol.

**I just checked and Ozotic 528 is currently in-stock at Llarowe**
**Do you own any Ozotics?  Which are your favorites?**

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. looks pretty! I'd love to see how this looks when matt-ified

  2. I have a bunch of untrieds too! This is gorgeous!!

  3. I'm really starting to like all the Ozotic polishes floating around lately. Never heard of them until a few days ago & every one I've seen I've absolutely loved.


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