Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 3/22/12

Time again for another water marble!!  Yay!!  I really love doing these!!  I was looking around my house for a pattern or design to mimic in my marble and I realized my phone case has a pretty cool design.

design my water marble was inspired by:

Pretty design..  now let's see how well I did trying to re-create it:

Not too bad.  These colors are so fun!!  I used OPI Alpine Snow as my base coat and for the actual marble I used all OPI:  Girls Just Want to Play, In my Back Pocket, Need Sunglasses?, Mermaids Tears, and Fly.  I'm still have issues with "bubbles" (notice my middle finger).  If any of you know how to avoid these, please let me know.  These colors worked like a dream for this marble... they spread so evenly in the water.. yay for OPI!!

Any ideas for next weeks marble??  I have a few ideas ..

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  1. This is awesome! You did a great job replicating that phone case (which I love!) Very cute :)

  2. Wow, that is applied so well! Really fun and colourful pattern :)

  3. This is breathtaking. You are so good at watermarbling! =)

  4. This is beautiful! Wow, you make me want to go do a water marble right now, I might actually try this for our vacation this year :-)

  5. Amazing!!!! ? What kind of nail polish remover do you use?

  6. Your marbles are awesome! The inspiration for your design is really cute & so is this mani! =)

  7. Aaaaah this is so perfect! Any tips for water marbling?

    1. Just watch all of Collette's water marbles :)

  8. your colour choice is just sooooo perfect. I love this THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much. Love love love xx

  9. Awesome water marble! I seriously need to attempt it one of these days.

  10. Omg I love this! The colors are amazing and you marble so well!


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