Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elixir Lacquers.. Supa Sugar Bee

Yep, I have yet another Indie Polish to share with you today.  It's called Supa Sugar Bee by Elixir Lacquers.  Supa Sugar Bee is one of seven polishes from The Preciate Collection.  There was a one day sale a couple weeks ago where each polish was $8 instead of $10, so I ordered a few (ok, 4) :)  I'm so glad I did because this polish is a beauty!

Supa Sugar Bee over OPI Funky Dunkey:

This polish is amazing!  Everything about it is perfection!  Supa Sugar Bee is described as: "violet holographic glitter, with purple pearlescent powder, suspended in a violet shine crystal base."  Pictured above is two coats of Supa Sugar Bee over OPI's Funky Dunkey!  I love this combo!  I added a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward, but Supa Sugar Bee shined brightly on it's own.  I love the tiny holo sparkles!  I received so many compliments while wearing this! :)

Click here to order Supa Sugar Bee or any of the polishes from The Preciate Collection.  You won't regret it!!


  1. wow !! looks very very pretty ! love the color

  2. So gorgeous. I'm going to have to look into buying this color. Great swatches!

  3. Your mani is just lovely. I haven't gotten any polishes from this brand. Got to check them out :)

  4. OMG I want this! So gorgeous! Thanks for swatching!

  5. WOW this is absolutely. gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the compliments on this mani... I really love this polish and can't wait to swatch the other 3 I have from Elixir!

  7. Gorgeous combination - kinda reminds me of fairy bread!

  8. looooove this!!! it's perfection over funky dunkey

  9. I cannot BELIEVE how amazing this looks on you! My jaw hit the floor!!!!

    1. I know, right?? I love it!! Thanks for making such wonderful polishes!! I can't wait to try my others!! :)

  10. Looks great!! I wish I'd gotten this one now!!


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