Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skeptical Saturday Mani.. butter LONDON The Black Knight

It's time for a Skeptical Saturday Mani Post.  Today I decided on butter LONDON The Black Knight.  I've heard mixed opinions on this one.  It seems like people either love it or hate it.  I usually like dark colors with multicolored glitter, so I had the opportunity to get my hands on this one in a swap, so I decided to try it.  Let's see how it turned out..

butter LONDON The Black Knight:

The formula with The Black Knight was thick and splotchy.  I applied three coats.  I do like the blue, red and pink glitter, especially with the black base.  I like the concept of this polish, but the formula, the grittiness and the dullness (I added 2 coats of China Glaze Fast Forward) just isn't worth it in my opinion.  The Black Knight is pretty while it lasts, which isn't long. (I applied it before bed and it was already chipping late the next morning).

This one was just more trouble than it was worth in my opinion.  What do you think?  Do you own The Black Knight?


  1. This is so pretty! It's too bad about the formula and application :(

  2. This takes me breath away!! But I really hate thick and gritty polishes. Yuck.

  3. I don't own BK because I made a dupe of it. I think it's pretty but after hearing what I have about the gritty texture and dullness of it I'm glad I have a dupe that is neither lol!

  4. I like the subtleness of this shade. Not too over the top, shame about the formula.

  5. so sad when pretty polishes like this have problems like that :(

  6. I own it and love it and haven't had any problems with the wearing power. I always wrap my nails and use Seche Vite with it though. When I bought it it was paired with BL Tart With a Heart. Layering that over Black Knight is SO beautiful! It's one of my favorite combinations and also wore well.

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with it. :(

  7. Absolutely gorgeous polish! It's a shame you had so many problems with it though!


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