Monday, March 5, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge.. Scrangie

Hey Everyone.. I hope you all had a nice weekend!  I almost forgot I owned Scrangie..  I ordered her the same time I ordered Anne from Rescue Beauty Lounge a few months ago.  I've become such the polish hoarder, I sometimes forget what I have.. yikes ;)  Anyway, a friend of mine was organizing a group-buy from Rescue Beauty Lounge and everyone was choosing Scrangie, which reminded me I already had her, so I ordered Under the Stars (which is gorgeous and I'll share with you soon).

 Rescue Beauty Lounge aka RBL Scrangie:

Yep, this color is gorgeous!!  I'm sure you already know, but in case there is one person out there who doesn't, Scrangie was name after the blogger with the same name.  Wouldn't that be cool?  I'd love to have a company like RBL ask me what my dream color would be, then create it!!  Scrangie is a blue-toned purple, with blue and green shimmer.  You can also see a faint pink shimmer, especially around the edge of my nails.  What I love the most about this polish is the formula!!  Pictured above is three coats, as it's quite sheer, but when it dries, it almost feels like a gel/shellac finish.  I'm rough on my hands and Scrangie really held up nicely, with no chips after two days (which for me is unbelievable).

You many want to head over to Rescue Beauty and pick this one up.  I think it will be gone soon, plus prices will go up to $20 soon (not sure when).  I do think this brand is worth the price.  The formula is amazing!!


  1. I need this color in my life!!! It's so gorgeous! LOL @ forgetting what you have. It happens to me way too often, smh.

  2. SO pretty! I love the blue in it!

  3. This is gorgeous on you! I should've ordered before this no buy.

  4. I love this shimmery blurple! Love the hints of green! Got to try this brand!

  5. You know I loveeee this polish! It looks great on you!


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