Friday, March 23, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Day 6- Who Inspires You?

Hey Guys.. It's time for Day 6 of the Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge.  Today's post is dedicated to someone who inspires some love to your favorite female role model by creating gorgeous nails in their honor..
I knew right away who my female role model was... MY MOTHER!!  My mom is the greatest and I'm so fortunate to have her in my life!  Now, the hard part.. figuring out a mani that honors my mom.  She and I are similar when it comes to looks, but our taste in clothes, decor, cars, just about anything differ dramatically!!  My mom and I also have total different tastes in nail polish colors.  She seems to gravitate more toward warmer colors (oranges, corals, and golds) and I like cooler colors (pink, purples, blues).

In this mani, I'm wearing Hidden Reef by SpaRitual.  This color totally reminds me of one my mom would pick.  I stamped a flower on my ring finger because she and I plant tons of flowers every spring/summer..

A mani in honor of my mom :)

Yeah, I kinda suck at stamping, but the flower turned out half-decent.  Now that I've worn this color, I think I'll give it to my mom..  it will suit her much more than me. :)  Love You, Mom :)

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  1. I think the color suits you very well! It's a really lovely color =)


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