Saturday, March 24, 2012

Julep Helena and Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party

Here is another beautiful combination..  I wasn't going to take pictures of  Julep Helena alone, but it's such a pretty blue-toned fuchsia, I had to include some pics of her on her own..

Julep Helena:

I intended on applying the Lynnderella right away, but I wore Helena alone for a day because I love this color so much.  Helena is definitely my favorite Julep!!

Here is Boy-Girl Party over Helena:

This combo is so pretty... I think it's my favorite combo using a Lynnderella.  The formulas with both Helena and Boy-Girl Party were perfect!  I'm impressed with Lynnderella's glitters in this last collection.  They're really smooth and not hard to remove at all.  I only applied one coat of Boy-Girl Party over Helena just so the beautiful fuchsia shinned through.  When you glance at the bottle of Boy-Girl Party, it looks mostly pink and blue, but there is so much more going on in there with red and aqua glitters of all kinds of shapes.  I applied a quick coat of Gelous, then China Glaze Fast Forward topcoat.

Have a great weekend, Everyone.. and don't forget to enter my 700 Follower Giveaway!!


  1. Beautiful! I love Julep Helena exactly for the reason you mentioned- the blue undertones! Also, Boy Girl Party is one of my lemmings! Great pics!

  2. Oh my, this is definitely my post of the day. Those two polishes, either alone or together, are so amazing! I have seen that Julep Helena polish on another blog recently, but I really love it with that Boy Girl Party on top. You have great taste.

  3. This combo is great! Is Helena close to Zoya Charisma? It looked so similar, I haven't even used it.

    1. Yes.. they are very similar.. I think Charisma is a little "pinker."

  4. I love that pink! It looks great with the Lynderella on top but wow, I love just the pink too!

  5. Great combo! I haven't really tried boy girl party yet but your remark about it not being a pain to take off makes me less worried, lol


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