Friday, June 1, 2012

Zoya Caitlin and Candeo Colors Mallard

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Today I have two beautiful polishes to share with you.  I've been meaning to wear Candeo Colors Mallard for a while now, but just couldn't decided on the right color to layer it over.  While looking through my Zoya drawer of polishes, Caitlin caught my eye... and, as it turns out, they're beautiful together.. First up is Zoya Caitlin alone..

Zoya Caitlin:

Zoya describes Caitlin as: "a smoky purple-tinged medium gray with a smooth, opaque finish."  I really like the purple hint to Caitlin.  It makes her stand out from all my other grays.  As with 99% of zoyas, Caitlin has a flawless formula.  Full opacity was reached with two coats.  Every time I wear a zoya, I'm reminded just how much I love them. I can't wait to see their next collection!!  Caitlin was so pretty, I almost didn't want to layer anything over her, but after a day, I applied Candeo Colors Mallard..

Candeo Colors Mallard over Zoya Caitlin:

Candeo Colors Mallard is described as having a "shimmery semi-sheer lilac base and is loaded with purple shimmer, silver, lime and green hex glitter."  I really like the lilac base mixed with the green.  Mallard is kinda like Caitlin in the aspect of just being a tad different from other indies to stand out.  I like this combo and received a lot of compliments while wearing it.  :)

**You can purchase Zoya Caitlin and other great colors here on for $8 each.**
**Candeo Colors can be purchased here on their website.  Keep checking back because everything is sold out right now, but they re-stock often**


  1. This is such a stunning combination, love both polishes

  2. I love this combo! I wouldn't have thought to put those polishes together but it looks fabulous!

  3. I love both colors, they look so great together!

  4. Gorgeous combo! They look very very pretty together!

  5. This is a gorgeous combination! I really like both colors.

  6. What an amazing colour, love the glitter combo too!

  7. Beautiful color, and a great combo!

  8. I love them both, I recently got OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam and it's now got me in to blues. This is a beautiful combo x :-)


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