Monday, May 14, 2012

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls & Into the Night

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today I have two more colors from OPI's The Amazing Spiderman Collection..

My Boyfriend Scales Walls:

My Boyfriend Scales Walls is a white creme with just a hint of grey.  The formula is perfect.  I used two coats for full opacity in the pictures above.  I like MBSW.  I use whites often when I water marble, so this one was a pleasant surprise.  (I kinda like it on it's own, too).

Into the Night:

Ok, so I love the color of Into the Night, but I do NOT like the formula!  Just by looking at the bottle, I thought the formula would be close to a one-coater because it's such a deep metallic midnight blue, BUT the formula was way too sheer for me.  I used three coats, but you can still see a bald spot on my middle finger, so I should have added another.  Into the Night is a beautiful color, though, and I like it with my skintone.

I like both of the above colors, along with Just Spotted the Lizard from the Amazing Spiderman Collection.  The rest of the colors are just kinda "meh" for me.  I'm still furious they didn't release a "True Spiderman Red"... lol ;)

Enjoy the Week!!


  1. I love MBSW and can't wait to get my hands on it, that's really disappointing about ITN :(
    I can't believe they didn't release a Spiderman Red either! I thought a red, blue and silver would dominate the collection lol

  2. I'm pissed there is no Spiderman either and I hated that the formula on Into the Night was so sheer! It looks so vibrant in the bottle!

  3. I love the colour of into the night, such a shame it's so sheer :( I hate it when that happens!

  4. Even though there seems to be complaints on the formula, I might need to get the blue one now that I see your swatch. Lol

  5. Into the night is such an awesome colour, sooo not happy the formula is poop :-( x


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