Saturday, May 5, 2012

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

So, I finally got my hands on OPI's The Amazing Spiderman Collection and Just Spotted the Lizard was the first color in this collection to really catch my eye.

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard:

Just Spotted the Lizard is a pretty green/gold duochrome.  I hear it's a dupe of Chanel Peridot, but that's OK with me seeing I don't own that one.  At first, I thought the formula was a bit sheer, but the second coat provided more coverage than I thought and full opacity was reached with two coats.  I will have more swatches from The Amazing Spiderman Collection soon.  I (and everyone else) was disappointed there isn't a "true red" in this collection... what's up with that?? :(

Happy Weekend!!


  1. So gorgeous! Love this colour! I agree, it's Spiderman, how can they not make a red??? O_o

  2. I can't believe there is no spidy-red either. This looks great.

  3. This is on its way to me from Amazon! I can't wait!

  4. Oooooh Lizzie never looked so good!!!

  5. I have Peridot and never used it but the more swatches I see of this the more I wanna put it on! Such a pretty polish! I agree, how can they NOT have a red with Spiderman?! smh..

  6. Love! I am on the lookout for this!!

  7. Pretty! Can't wait to see it in person!


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