Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elemental Styles E=mc^2 and Actin-ium My Age

Yowza-- I'm excited about today's post!  I have two more indie polishes to share with you.  These two were made my Whitney at Elemental Styles.  Each of Whitney's polishes are named after Elements (hence the name).  I have E=mc^2 and Actin-ium My Age to share with you today..

Elemental Styles 99 E=mc^2

Why did I only buy a mini bottle of this????!!  I absolutely love this polish!  Whitney describes E=mc^2 as-- "a light grey based polish that includes various sizes of black and silver hex glitters."  The colors in this polish represent Einstein's crazy hair!!  This polish was really easy to apply and I didn't have problems with any of the glitter "settling" to the bottom of the bottle.  Pictured above is two coats followed by China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat...  E=mc^2 is one of my top favorite indies!!!!

Elemental Styles 89 Actin-ium My Age:

Actin-ium My Age is another beauty.  The first word that came to mind when I was applying this one was: "grape."  It's such a gorgeous grape-y purple glitter!  Whitney describes this one as: "A purple holographic polish with holographic silver glitter, iridescent glitter, and large and small purple glitter."  Actin-ium My Age has a flawless formula and full opacity is reached with two coats.  I love the subtle holo glow in this one and I love the purple base color-- I have no other indie like this one!!

You can purchase Elemental Styles on Whitney's Etsy shop.  There are a few polishes listed now, but not these two.  Keep your eyes open for Whitney to add more.. You won't regret buying these beauties!! :)


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