Friday, May 4, 2012

ManGlaze F*ck Off & Dye

Oh ManGlaze, I just love the names of your polishes.  :)  I'm having a stressful morning and  I'm feeling a bit rebellious, so I almost wrote the name without the * in "F*ck"...almost.  Seriously though, ManGlaze makes THE BEST matte polishes, hands down.  See for yourself..

ManGlaze F*ck Off & Dye:

What I love most about all ManGlaze Polishes is the formula.  With most matte polishes you have to rush to apply before it dries.  ManGlaze is much more easy to work with and the "matte effect" takes a bit longer, so you can take your time without the hurried mess.  ManGlaze describes F*ck Off & Dye as "pink", but I see it more as berry-almost-reddish.  Regardless, it's beautiful.  Pictured above is two smooth coats.  I didn't apply topcoat to this mani at any time, but if you do, the color would probably change quite drastically like Santorum did in this post.

You can like ManGlaze's Facebook page here.  You can also purchase their polishes here on their Facebook Polish Shop for $11.82

Happy Weekend Kids!!


  1. Haha I totally didn't use an asterisk when I posted about this and my MOM yelled at me! haha, it looks fabulous on you!

  2. I'm so not into pinks but good lord I'd just love to own this for the name <3 so cool! And it looks good on you!

  3. Oh my gosh that has to be the most beautiful pink ever! So so pretty, I love it!

  4. This looks amazing on you, and I'm totally loving the name lol.

  5. It also looks great in combination with Fuggen Ugly!

  6. This is on my lemming list; because of the name AND the color. It's so pretty. Same with Santorum. Can't wait to get them!

  7. I really like ManGlaze. I'm wearing Santorum right now. My husband says it's an ugly color, but he's totally wrong.

  8. Super Super pretty!!!! I almost passed out seeing you say F*ck even with the * in it! My Jodi is just WAY too sweet for that!!!

    1. Oh Laurie... I swear like a sailor! lol

  9. The bottle art on your FOD is different from mine!

  10. seriously awesome matteness going on here!

  11. I have this and never wore it yet. I need to! Looks great on you!


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