Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zoya Sooki and f4polish Chunky Cow

Yay!!  The weekend's here and I have one of my favorite reds to share with you along with another black and white indie polish...  Take a look at Zoya Sooki and f4polish Chunky Cow..

Up first is Zoya Sooki alone:

Gah.. I really need to wear reds more often.  Sooki is gorgeous!!  Zoya describes her as a cool cherry red cream.  Sooki is the perfect red for my skin tone.  I love her.  She is definitely my "go to" red!!  Pictured above is two coats.

f4polish Chunky Cow over Zoya Sooki:

Ok, so this black and white has way too much black for my liking.  I only used one coat in the above pictures.  Chunky Cow has fine black glitter, with holographic glitter and small white hex glitter.  I'd like this one if it had about half the fine black glitter.  It's just a tad overwhelming.  The formula of Chunky Cow and f4's customer service was awesome and I'll definitely purchase another polish from them.

**You can purchase Chunky Cow and other polishes from f4 polish here at their Etsy shop.**
**You can purchase Zoya Sooki here at**

Enjoy your weekend!!  It's gonna be a beautiful one here in Northeast Ohio!!


  1. This is a gorgeous combo, I love it! ^.^

  2. LOVE Sooki!! I keep telling myself to get it and then I don't... I think it's just going to have to be a necessity now lol. P.S. Dom & I are also both from Ohio! :) xo E

  3. I agree that there is a little too much black glitter in this, but the holo glitter makes it unique

  4. Sookie is so gorgeous! I agree with you about the black...too much.


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