Friday, December 2, 2011

Soulstice Kona and Tammi's Tips Bi-Polar Bay...

Hey Everyone... Today I have two more  polish brands new to me. I discovered Soulstice through a few blogs and posts on facebook and Tammi's Tips are made by an awesome gal I know in a Nail Polish Group on facebook also.  I purchased five different colors from soulstice when they were running a special.. Five polishes for $20.  When you go to their site to pick colors, it's hard because they have no swatches, just descriptions.. but I'm happy with the five I chose.*** Update:  You can still grab that special (5 polishes for $20 here... good through Dec. 10th***

Here is Kona from Soulstice:

Kona is a pretty turquoise sea blue.  This polish is very easy to work with.. no complaints from me.  Full opacity was reached with two coats and the formula was awesome. Soulstice polishes are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.  They are also non-toxic and the BIG 3 FREE!!  I really like this brand and this color and I'm happy I decided to take advantage of their special!!

Next up is a franken called "Bi-Polar Bay" made by a gal I know named Tammi.  You can purchase her polishes at her Etsy shop here.  Bi-Polar Bay has seven different glitters in a blue-green base....
Bi-Polar Bay alone
Bi-Polar Bay over Kona

Bi-Polar Bay over Kona

Bi-Polar Bay over Kona
This glitter is amazing!  If you look closely at my thumb, you'll see a heart-shaped glitter!!  Bi-Polar Bay can be worn alone with 2 coats or top off a blue or green to give it some sparkle!  I really like both of these colors.. Tomorrow, I'll have two more combos from  Soulstice and Tammi's Tips!! :)


  1. Love these!!! :D They look like they were made for each other! Perfect combination!

  2. I picked Kona as one of the ones in that deal too!! I love it! :) looks great on you!


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