Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LASplash Cosmetics.. Pink Sparkle, Charcoal, and Midnight Rain

Hi Again...  Today I have a few colors from a company new to me called LASplash Cosmetics..

Here is Pink Sparkle:
Pink Sparkle

Pink Sparkle
Pink Sparkle is a sheer peachy pink.  I love pinks, but I'm not too crazy for peach hues.  This color is pretty and the formula was nice.  It did leave brush marks and I wasn't too crazy about the "frost-like finish."  I think I may like it more if there was a little more sparkle and a little less frost.

Next is Charcoal:

I really like Charcoal. It's a sheer shimmery gray with an excellent formula.  Pictured above is two coats.  Again, you can see the brush marks, but not as profound with Charcoal.

Last is Midnight Rain:
Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain is such a neat polish. It's packed full of red and blue glitter in a blue base.  I thought Midnight Rain would be a pain to apply, but it went on so smoothly for a glitter.  I only needed two coats. A base color is not necessary with Midnight Rain, so it's good for a cute, quick mani!

You can purchase LASplash Cosmetics on their website here.  They are running sales throughout the month of December, so hurry over and check them out! :)  I have more colors to share with you, but I wanted to post some now before the sales end.

**The above products were sent to me for review**


  1. Wow Love that Midnight Rain!!! Great pics too.

  2. Midnight Rain is amazing!
    I tagged you for some awards! :) http://thenailaholic.blogspot.com/2011/12/blog-awards.html


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