Thursday, December 8, 2011

China Glaze... Hey Sailor

Here is a quick post of a gorgeous red!!  It's the perfect red for the holidays!!

China Glaze Hey Sailor:

This red is beautiful!  It's flawless.  In my opinion, this red would look great with any skintone.  Hey Sailor is in my top 5 favorite reds!!  Love it!  Pictured above is two coats
Then.... I went and screwed it all up with a failed stamping attempt....ahhh!  In my defense..This candy cane stamp kinda sucks, the bow looks good, but the candy cane part of the stamp wasn't deep enough up toward the top, so it looks jacked up.. oh well.  The little Holly Berries on my thumb are cute :) (This is a Konad plate. can't remember the number right now)


  1. Whoa, dat red!! It's not screaming red but it's not a dusty red interesting. It appears to be sort of jelly like as well? I loove the little bows on the candy canes, oh my goodness :O

  2. @ Exah.. It shines like a jelly, but it's definitely a cream. Will have to try stamping again soon :)


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