Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air VS. Revlon Whimsical..

Glitter in the Air was my first Deborah Lippmann polish.  After wearing it once, I was just kinda "blah" about it, so it's been sitting in my helmer for a while.  When Revlon released Whimsical, a so-called dupe of GITA, I wanted to do a comparison asap..
bottle comparison 
So, in the bottle right next to one another, they look like dupes to me. (Whimsical actually has more glitter, but the colors of the base and glitter are pretty much the same).

I gotta be honest, both formulas were such a pain to apply.  They're both runny and I had to dig and dig just to find some glitter.  Pictured above is 3 generous coats.  Both polishes have a milky blue base with pink and light blue hex glitter and small round silver (?) glitter.  I wish the base looked blue like it does in the bottle, but on the nail alone, it just looks... blah.

I didn't want to give up on these polishes just yet, so I layered them on Blue Me Away! by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear:

A little better, maybe??  Not much.  Trying to apply this glitter is like pulling teeth! LOL.  Here are 3 coats of both Whimsical and GITA over Blue Me Away!  The only difference between these two polishes is...Whimsical is just a bit easier to work with!! (and that's the cheap version)!! Blech, I don't like them.  I guess you could layer them over a nude or white, but they'd still be boring in my opinion.  So... my advice.. IF you must have one, just buy Whimsical and don't waste your money on this Deborah Lippmann..


  1. Ooh I'm so happy I have Whimsical. I layered two coats over Essie absolutely shore and it looked just like its in the bottle :)

  2. Nory, I will have to try it over Absolutely Shore

  3. Thanks for the review! Good to know!

  4. Try putting GITA (or W) over China Glaze Sea Spray - softer gray/blue than what you used here for a base. Also take a look at swatches of D. Lippmann's Naked which is a nude cream released same time/set as is perfect as a base for GITA. It looks just amazing under it - you see the blue base in GITA when you get the right nude under it. I don't seem to have any trouble getting the right sparce amt. of glitter on my nail. It made it an instant hit with me because i like the light bits of glitter vs. the chunky types or heavy glitter coverage most of the time.

  5. They look the same ! Great comparison!


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