Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ManGlaze.. Mink Mitten

Hi Again....My nail polish addiction is on overload and I've been acquiring a bunch of new brands lately and.... I couldn't be any happier!  So, I'm an addict??  There are worse thing I could be addicted to, right? ;)  On Black Friday ManGlaze ran a sale I couldn't resist, so I purchased three of their polishes...

Here is Mink Mitten:
natural light

natural light

natural light

natural light
Ok, so I'm really not sure which I like more... the bottle, or the color! :)  ManGlaze's polish names and bottles crack me up, but I do take the colors seriously and I love this color!!  It's a matte and shimmer... who'd a' thunk??  I love this lilac color and application was flawless.   Full opacity was reached with two coats.  I almost added a topcoat for shine, but that would defeat the whole purpose of this color.  Even though Mink Mitten is a matte, it shines beautifully with all the shimmer that's added.

You can like ManGlaze on their facebook page and you can buy them on their Amazon Store for $13.13!!

ManGlaze polishes crack me up... Who doesn't want to laugh while painting their nails??  ;)

Do you own any ManGlaze polishes yet?  Which ones?

I almost forgot, Daisy and Lola wanted to say hello! ..
Daisy and Lola 


  1. I found my blog. Hate the name, reminds me of a furby!

  2. I'm so upset I missed their black friday sale. This is such a gorgeous polish!

  3. I am wearing Mink Mitten RIGHT NOW! I also have Fatty's Got More Blood and Butt Taco-my personal favorite name!


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