Friday, December 9, 2011

Gosh.. Gasoline

Hey Guys...  Today I have yet another new brand to me..   Gosh.  I acquired this polish through a swap with a gal from Canada as I don't think Gosh is sold in the states.

Here is Gosh Gasoline:
direct sunlight

direct sunlight

natural light

with flash
This purple is so pretty in the bottle, but as soon as I first applied it, I knew it would end up being a pain to work with.  It's sooooo sheer.  Pictured above is four coats.  Plus, Gasoline took forever to dry!  You can see where it's smeared on my ring finger.  The color is beautiful though.  I love the blue shimmer.  I probably would wear Gasoline again layered on a purple cream.

Beware:  I only have one more post until you'll see my SHORT index finger nail!   Wahhhh!  I hate when I break a nail this badly.  I was peeling potatoes and the peeler caught my nail and sliced it, so I had to file it way down.. You'll see on Sunday or Monday.. don't laugh ;)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)


  1. This is very pretty! The idea of catching my nail with a peeler is now freaking me out. I have potatoes to peel tonight.


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