Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OPI- Pink Friday and Deborah Lippmann- Candy Shop!

Hey All...I'm excited about this post for two reasons: 1.) Both of these polishes are brand new AND 2.) They're PINK!!  I love pink.  I've been lemming Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop for some time, so my husband gave it to me for Christmas and I finally received OPI's Nicki Minaj Collection at my salon....

Pink Friday is up first:
Pink Friday

Pink Friday

Pictured above is two coats of Pink Friday followed by Out The Door Topcoat.  I love Pink Friday.  It's so girly.  It's a fun, chalky, cotton candy-like pink!  Pink Friday is a creme and two coats are needed for full opacity... L.O.V.E.

Next is Candy Shop layered on Pink Friday:
Candy Shop atop of Pink Friday

Candy Shop atop of  Pink Friday

Candy Shop atop of  Pink Friday

Two coats of Candy  Shop alone
Candy Shop came in a trio called "Get this Party Started"... Happy Birthday and Forget You were the other two polishes included in the set.  The only other Deborah Lippmann I owned (before Christmas) was Glitter in the Air.  I'm so excited to finally have Candy Shop!!  I love this one, too!! Candy Shop is tons and tons of multi-colored glitter in a "pepto pink" base.  I like it over Pink Friday.. it kinda makes the base look neon.  This glitter was so easy to apply.   Sometimes you have to fight with a glitter (see tomorrow's post) to get it to apply evenly.  I only applied one coat of Candy Shop over Pink Friday, and the last picture is two coats of Candy Shop alone.

So, did you receive any polishes for Christmas you were this excited about??


  1. I hope you know Im jealous !!! I so want candy shop =\ Nice swatches =)

  2. thanks Neeks... I've wanted it for a long time too :)

  3. That looks really I want it, My sister-in-law gave me the 18 piece mini's from Sephora. Can't wait to wear them!

  4. Can't wait for the Nicki Minaj collection to be released over here!
    All I got for Christmas was loooads of nail polish, I love it!
    Was most excited about receiving the OPI Burlesque collection (even though they're 'old' but whatever) and Nubar 2010 which is my first flaky polish :D


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