Friday, July 20, 2012

Zoya NYFW 2012 Designer Collection

Inspired by  backstage beauties, talented designers, runways and VIP fashion events, the Zoya 2012 Fall Collections are simply stunning!
Fall Collections are always my favorite!!  I love darker vampy colors and Zoya's new Designer Collection does not disappoint!!  The Designer Collection is composed of six creams (my favorite finish).  On to the swatches..(Each swatch is two coats.  I have cool undertones and a medium skintone for those of you wondering how your skintone may compare)

Zoya Evvie:
Zoya describes Evvie (Peter Som Custom Shade) as: "an Evergreen green cream."  Evvie is much more gray than green in my opinion.  Evvie is pretty, but I feel like I own a handful of polishes very similar to her.  Formula, as with 99% of Zoyas was flawless.

Zoya Noot:
Ahh, Noot.. you have a crazy name and you're almost Evvie's twin sister, but you're just different enough for me to fall in love with you! :)  Zoya describes Noot as: "a charcoal green gray cream".   Noot is darker and bluer than Evvie and I really love how this "cool" cream compliments my skintone!!  Perfection!

Zoya Natty:
Oooooh  Natty.. you are gorgeous!!  I love your name! (Reminds me of my college days when we were poor and drank "Natty Light" aka  Natural Light.. lol)  Zoya describes Natty as: "a smoked navy blue cream."  Natty is my 2nd favorite out of the creams (keep reading to see my #1).  I love this dusty blue and I love how most of these creams look on me! Another perfect formula!!

Zoya Rekha:
Zoya describes Rekha (Biphu Mohapatra custom shade) as: "a blood red cream."  Blood Red?? Nope.  Rekha is too dark to be "blood red."  I'm usually crazy for reds, but Rekha's formula was kinda runny and clean-up was a major pain.  Rekha also stained the crap out of my fingers.. my cuticles were red for a few days.  I usually love a nice Zoya Red, but I'll pass on Rehka and stick with Sooki!!

Zoya Toni:
Zoya describes Toni as: "a dark raisin-wine cream with strong purple tones."  Perfect description, Zoya!!  I love Toni...  I love how she's just almost red, but not quite.. she's purple, but not really.  She's "raisin-wine" and she's unique to anything I have in my collection!!  L.O.V.E.

Zoya Monica:
I am head-over-heels for Monica!!  She's simply gorgeous and she's my favorite of the Designer Collection!!  Zoya describes Monica as: "a dark, soft-blue-toned purple with a glossy cream finish."  Even with the stained red cuticles from Rekha, I still love Monica so much!! LOL  I always love a smoky purple and Monica is pure perfection!!  Kudos Zoya..  Monica rules!! 

**I love 4 out of these 6.  I like Evvie..  Rekha is the only color that disappointed me, but I loved her on other bloggers, so it's just my own personal preference.  Monica and Natty will be used numerous times this fall!!  Thanks again Zoya for creating such beautiful polishes!!**

Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

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--Polishes in this post were provided to me for review from Zoya--

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