Monday, July 9, 2012

A few indies from The Spooky Bones Co.

Happy Monday Everyone!!  I totally forgot I swatched these two about a month ago.  I was going through some pics last night and found these..  They are a duo by The Spooky Bones inspired by Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

First up is The Full Moon:

The Full Moon is a "deep rich blue with lighter blue micro glitters that color shift from  pink to purple." Pictured above is two coats (if I remember correctly).  I wore this one alone for a few days because it's so pretty.  The color shift is really great.  I wish I could have captured it a bit more clearly in these pictures.

Laughing in the Dark over The Full Moon:

Laughing in the Dark is a "blue based glow in the dark glitter, filled with all colors and sizes of glitter and holographic blues and silvers."  These two are so pretty together.  You'll need to apply a generous amount of topcoat to smooth the glitter in Laughing in the Dark.  And... I couldn't capture a good "glow in the dark" pic.  The glow was pretty faint, but it was cool.

I just visited Spooky Bones on Etsy, and couldn't find this duo currently available, but Amber has a lot more polishes listed that look really neat.  I'll have to browse her store later tonight..

Have a great day, Kids!  I'm off to my friend's pool to catch some rays on this beautiful day!! :)


  1. those two look great together! i still wanna see a GITD pic! :)

  2. Gorgeous polishes! I really like the glitter.


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