Monday, July 30, 2012

Some beauties from Sonoma Nail Art!

Happy Monday Everyone!!  Let me start out by saying I originally wrote this post last night and scheduled it for this morning.  Freaking blogger didn't save it and I lost the whole damn thing!!  Urgh!!  I was livid!  So, I'm re-writing it now, hoping I do as well as the one I wrote last night..

I love every polish Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art has ever made.  I know Michelle from a few facebook groups and she is truly passionate about her polish creations!!  I highly recommend any and all of her polishes as they are about the best quality of any "indies" I've tried, and believe me... I've tried tons.  :)

Sonoma Nail Art 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:

Hello, Gorgeous! I just wanna put on my bathing suit and dive in to this one! 20,000 Leagues contains blue, white and green glitters of various shapes and sizes.  What I love most about all of Sonoma Nail Art's polishes is.. the perfect ratio of each glitter.  Michelle really has a special talent when mixing her creations!!  Pictured above is one coat of 20,000 Leagues over Orly Snowcone, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  PERFECTION!

Sonoma Nail Art Clockwork:

I adore Clockwork and I'm usually not a fan of golds.  Clockwork contains various shades of metallic glitters in a clear base.  This is one coat of Clockwork over Zoya Farrah, followed by once coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  These glitters have barely any grittiness.. which is yet another aspect I love about them!!  Clockwork is a perfect autumn glitter with an adorable label!

Sonoma Nail Art Mustard Fields:

Ahhh... the elusive Mustard Fields... you are FINALLY mine!!  I have wanted this beauty since I first laid eyes on it!!  It's the perfect mix of green and yellow glitters with a fantastic formula!!  Pictured is one coat of Mustard Fields over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, followed by two coats of Insta-Dri.  This one is my favorite Sonoma!!  It's also one of my favorite polishes ever!!  I love it!! :)

**You have to act super fast when Michelle opens her etsy store because her polishes will sell out within minutes, but they're so worth it... trust me!!**
**You can also like Sonoma Nail Art's facebook page to keep updated with shop openings and new releases**


  1. Beautiful, Sonoma Nail Art polishes are to die for. I have Pinot Envy on and it's amazing!

  2. hey.. I don't understand why we need to remove the previous nail paint everytime we apply a new base coat? I mean, I have seen the exciting nail art in Delhi where one could havem more and more designs even when the base coat is on.I mean zoe nails is doing wonderfully in terms of nail art designs, but I want to know about the basics.

    1. I'm sorry.. I don't understand a word you're saying

  3. wow. . .really fabulous nail coloring. . .thanks a lot for showing it to me. . .really much appreciated..
    vapor recovery tower

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Sonoma Nail Art is turning out to be one of my fave indie brands too!!
    Love your swatches!! And yes, whenever she restocks, it sells out in less than a minute! The last restock, 3 out of 4 items I had got cartjacked. Ugh... Yes, be quick!! She only has very extremely limited supply of polishes available every restock.


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