Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Showboat Nail Kit by Urban Decay.. Swatches and a Water Marble

Hey Everyone!  I'm kinda excited about today's post.  I'm using Urban Decay Nail Polish for the first time and I have a pretty cool water marble to share with you. I have tons of Urban Decay make-up, now I finally have some of their polish.  Urban Decay is one of my favorite make-up brands.. now, let's see if the polish lives up to the make-up's reputation..

Urban Decay's Showboat Nail Kit for Summer:

This kit contains six .16 us fl oz bottles.  Pictured from left to right are: Fishnet, Showboat, Radium, Woodstock, Covet and Perversion.  This kit is cute, compact and perfect for travel!

Skittle Mani with Showboat Collection:

These colors really are perfect for summer! 
* Fishnet (on thumb) is an almost jelly-like fuchsia with a gorgeous shiny finish
* Radium (on index) is a beautiful royal blue shimmer with amazing formula 
* Woodstock (on middle) is a chic neon pink with smooth application
* Covet (on ring) is a gorgeous creamy jade green with silver shimmer
* Showboat (on pinky) is a neon orange (that doesn't photograph very well), but has fantastic formula
Each finger has two coats

Perversion (A black creme) was the only polish left, so I decided to use it in a water marble over this skittle mani..

Showboat Water Marble:

Perversion worked perfectly with a clear shimmer to marble over the skittle mani.  I really love the outcome and this marble was so much fun!  

**Urban Decay's Showboat Nail Kit is available here on Urban Decay's site for $28
**Be sure to like Urban Decay on facebook here!

**Products were sent to me by manufacturer for review


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