Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pahlish Train Underwater

Hey Kids!!  I'm back from New Orleans and have a quick post to share before I get back in to the "swing of things" here at home.... I have two tons of laundry to tackle.. urg!!

Here is a gorgeous indie called Train Underwater by Pahlish..

Train Underwater has a sheer royal blue violet base with large blue hex, red, pink, purple and holographic teal micro glitter.  This one is a beauty.  I love glitters with dark bases!  Pictured above is two coats (alone), followed by a coat of gelous and a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (my current fave topcoat).  Application was easy and the formula is great...  This one's a "keeper!"  :)

**Pahlish Polishes are sold here on Etsy.**

**Happy Tuesday Everyone!! **


  1. So pretty:) I love dark based glitters too:)

  2. This is so stunning! I love the glitters in it.

  3. I love Train Underwarter!! I must try this on asap!

  4. When I first read this, my brain read it as Train UnderWEAR and I was SOO confused! I was like, "what can that possibly mean?!"

    I've had a long day, and it's really hot here, lol

  5. Gorgeous! And I was actually just given SH insta-dry as a gift, I'll never use different top coat. I'm in love.


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