Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rainbow Favorites-- Pink!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I'm sad to say it's the last day in the Rainbow Week Challenge, but I'm happy it ends with PINK!!!  Pinks are my favorite!!  I have two to share with you today along with some black & white glitter topcoats.  First I'll be sharing my current favorite pink: SpaRitual Camellia..
SpaRitual Camellia:

Camellia is a pretty "pepto" pink as I like to call it.  It's from SpaRitual's Summer 2012 Pigment Collection.  I love the color of Camellia, but application wasn't the greatest.  Although it's highly pigmented, Camellia goes on too thin for my liking and after three coats, you can still see bald spots close to my cuticles. :(  After I applied Colorblind by Dandy Nails, things started to look up..

Dandy Nails Colorblind over Camellia:

Colorblind is my favorite black and white indie polish.  I love it's shimmer, no bar glitter, just medium sized black and white hex!  Only one coat was needed.. I love that in a glitter!!!  Colorblind looks awesome over almost any color.  Another Indie I'm in love with!!  Colorblind by Dandy Nails can be purchased here on their Etsy store.

So, I've saved my all-time favorite pink for last.  I did a post on this one last October when I first started this blog.  (Oh my, those pics were bad LOL).  Here it is again..  Lex Cosmetics Sassy Pants..

Lex Cosmetics Sassy Pants:

This pink is absolutely stunning!  It was my favorite back in October and it remains my favorite today!! :)  Sassy Pants is a rich berry creme that dries with amazing shine!  Pictured above is two coats without top coat.  Flawless application, perfect color for me!! Sassy Pants and many other amazing colors can be purchased here.  I almost didn't top this one with a black and white glitter, but I had this post all planned out to show two black and whites, so I followed through with the plan..

All That Glitters Diamond Rug over Sassy Pants:

After looking at these two pictures, I'm happy I topped Sassy Pants with Diamond Rug by All That Glitters! Diamond Rug has black and white diamond shaped glitter in a clear base.  It's simple like Colorblind and I love this one also.  I did have to "dig" a bit to get enough glitter on the brush.  Pictured above is two coats followed by Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat.  You can purchase Diamond Rug here on their Etsy store. ( I highly recommend Cha Cha Twist too!)

**There you have it, Kids..  the Rainbow Favorites Challenge is over.    Thanks to Bec at Lacquer Dreams for creating this fun challenge!!**

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  1. I'm happy it ends with pink, too! Camellia is like the ultimate bubblegum pink, so bright and shiny. That Lex really is gorgeous, though, and those rhombus glitters look very cool on top.

  2. Ah a girl after my own heart, pink is my all time favourite nail polish colour. Both pinks are beautiful but I adore sassy pants, it's gorgeous! Both look beautiful topped with the glitters :)

  3. Ahhhh, beautiful! Your nails are perfect.


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