Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holo Hump Day

Ok, first off... People calling Wednesday "Hump Day" is a major pet peeve of mine.  Don't ask me why, I've always just thought the saying was kinda dumb... yeah, I get it, we're half-way over the "hump"..  LOL.

It's time for another group post aptly named "Holo Hump Day."  I'm on vacation, but I swatched my first Catherine Arley last week, so I'm using that polish for my post..

Catherine Arley 800:

I like red holos, but this one isn't that great.  It kinda reminds me of OPI DS Reflection.  800 has a warm coral tone and the holo effect isn't very strong.  800 is pretty though.  I like it indoors just about as much as I like it in the sun.  Pictured above is two coats without topcoat


  1. I'd heard a few people say it but I had no idea what it meant! I was getting annoyed because I didnt know.

    Love the polish,such a beautiful colour!

  2. Its pretty! Perfect for someone just starting into holos

  3. Love this color! Also, I hate "hump day" as well. Every time I hear it I cringe. Good to know I'm not the only one. ;)


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