Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 6/15/12

Hey Everyone!!  I usually do my water marble posts on Thursdays, but I'm still on vacation (tomorrow's our last day)  Here is a marble I did to match my favorite tankini..

Tankini Marble:

Ahh.. it's sooo close to matching my bathing suit!!  I couldn't find a brown dark enough to match my tankini.  OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys matched, but it's a jelly, so it didn't work well in a marble.  For this marble I used all OPIs once again.. Alpine Snow for the base coat and Alpine Snow, In My Back Pocket, Fly, and Over the Taupe for the actual marble.  I'll say it again, OPI's are my favorite to marble with!!  

Enjoy your weekend!  We'll be heading back to Ohio Sunday morning.. back to reality.. :(


  1. Awesome! It does go perfectly with your suit! Great picture:)

  2. This is gorgeous! It matches perfectly with your suit!

  3. I Love the color combo here:)

  4. Beautiful, love the colour combinations. You always do such lovely water marbles!

  5. the thumb is especially amazing. Can you fly over and do mine this weekend? ;) x

  6. This looks amazing, I really love the ring finger!

  7. I love the color combo. Your ring finger looks like a starburst!!


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