Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rainbow Favorites-- Blue! A Needle Marble

Happy Thursday Everyone!  Today I usually post my "Weekly Water Marble", but today I have something a little different--  A Needle Marble!!  My first one!  Today is also "blue day" in Lacquer Dreams' Rainbow Week Challenge.  Once again, I couldn't choose just one blue, so I did this need marble with three beautiful blue China Glaze polishes..

A Blue China Glaze Needle Marble:
I chose For Audrey, Shower Together, and Blue Iguana

Yep, I'm gonna stick with what I know-- water marbling!!  lol.  This needle marble was thick and goopy.  Granted, it was my first, but water marbling is my "thing", so I'll just stick with that. :)  To achieve this look, I painted one coat of For Audrey to each nail.  After that dried, I got all my polishes ready, applied a 2nd coat of For Audrey to one nail at a time, immediately after the 2nd coat (while it's still wet), I added a few drops of Shower Together and Blue Iguana then swirled all the polish together with a pin.  The only nail I really like is my index finger.  I think I added too much Blue Iguana (it was kinda runny anyway).  Someday I will try this again with thicker cremes and smaller drops of polish.

See you tomorrow for "purple day."

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  1. Oh wow, I haven't seen a needle marble in forever - why on earth do we not do these anymore??? This is awesome! *puts needle marble on "to do" list*

  2. I have seen this before and I think I should try it. I love your mani. It came out very well!

  3. I think this looks awesome! You can totally needle marble!

  4. I think it looks cool! I'm a lot less intimidated by the needle marble than the water marble, so I may have to try this sometime soon. For Audrey is such a lovely color.

  5. ive never tried a needle marble. maybe someday soon i will

  6. Even though this looks really cool, I prefer water marbles as well.

  7. I think this looks fantastic! I admit, the reason I haven't tried is the goopy factor. Yeah, I prefer water marbles too!


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