Friday, June 8, 2012

Nostalgic Envy

Yay to Fridays!!!!! And Yay, we leave for the beach tomorrow!!  I'm so excited to spend a week relaxing (and shopping)!!  I have a ton of things to do before we leave, so I'll make this post short and sweet..

Nostalgic Envy over OPI Mermaid's Tears:

I'm so happy I got my paws on Envy.  Nostalgic scheduled a sale a few weeks back and I was lucky enough to grab Envy, Pride, and Gluttony!!  I like Envy, but it's my least favorite out of the three mentioned. Envy is: "A mixture of holographic green, black, pastel green, and white glitter in various shapes and sizes."  Envy is fun and simple.  I had no application issues.  Pictured above is two coats of Envy over OPI Mermaid's Tears..  (Mermaid's Tears, on the other hand, stained my nails worse than any polish ever!!  It was horrible.  I wore dark colors for days just to hide the stains!!  Yikes!)

**I'm not sure if Envy is discontinued.  Nostalgic is taking orders currently and Envy and all the other 7 Deadly Sins of Summer polishes weren't available.  I know this collection is a Limited Edition, but not sure if it's discontinued..  Check Nostalgic's website and facebook page for further info.**

Have a fabulous weekend!!  I'll have some posts scheduled next week while I'm on vacation. :)


  1. Great combo!!! Have a great time away!

  2. I'm super jealous that you got this! I missed out on all these polishes and they are so fun!

  3. Nice nice nice!! I love this!!

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