Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 6/21/12

Happy Summer Everyone!!  Today is the first full day of summer!  I love summertime.. I wish it could last forever, but sadly, here in Ohio we probably only have three more months of nice weather..

It's time for another water marble..  I did a swirl marble once before and really liked how it turned out, so I decided to try another..

An Essie Swirl Water Marble:

Kinda appropriate for the first day of summer??  I looks like waves.  I used all Essies for this marble.  I started with a base of She's Picture Perfect.. and for the actual marble I used She's Picture Perfect, No More Film, Turquoise and Caicos and Go Overboard.  The polishes worked nicely together.  Like I've said before, using polishes of the same brand for a marble seems to work best for me.  I don't think mixing these with OPIs or CG would have turned out so great.  Essie's formula is thicker.  It's kinda reminds me of Zoya's formula.  I'll have to try Essies with Zoyas sometime and see how well they mix.

Enjoy your Thursday!!


  1. Golly Gee Wiz! This is just gorgeous! You have some serious talent.

  2. Beautiful! What is the name of the polish in your hand? Turquoise and Caicos?

  3. Beautiful, Jodi!! I miss having time for water marbling!

    1. thanks Ashley.. hope you get time soon :)

  4. wow! This looks so cool. I wish I was as good as you at water marbling :)

  5. I love it!! It really does look like waves. I'm am also very happy that summer is here.

  6. Love this! You're an amazing marbler. :)

  7. Gorgeous!! Perfect color combination.. it seems ocean inspired :)

  8. super gorgeous, as always. Glorious!

  9. swirly twirly goodness!

  10. How do you get that swirly effect??? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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