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Zoya Lovely.. Spring 2013

Hey Guys!!  It's not even Christmas and I have Zoya's Lovely Spring 2013 Collection to share with you! That's ok with me.. I'm more of a spring/summer person anyway.  This collection is made up of six enticing colors.. three dewy metallics, and three fresh blooms of cream..

Zoya Lovely Spring 2013:
Left to Right: Blu, Piaf, Neely, Julie, Jacqueline, and Gei Gei


Zoya describes Jacqueline as: "a perfect magnolia nude cream." Jacqueline is the only color from this collection I really don't like.  It reminds me too much of  Cho and Farrah.  Jacqueline has slight yellow undertones that don't mesh well with my skintone.  I used three coats for full coverage.

direct sunlight

Zoya describes Neely as: "The earliest spring green cream."  I really like Neely!  She is so much brighter in sunlight!  Neely's formula is perfect.  Pictured above is two flawless coats.  Neely is the perfect Easter green!

direct sunlight

direct sunlight

Zoya describes Blu as: "a lucky hyacinth blue cream."  Blu really is a "lovely" chalky blue with amazing pigmentation for a pastel!  She's not quite a "sky blue" and not really a "baby blue."  I guess she reminds me of an Easter Egg Blue with a subtle purple hue.. she and Neely would be great colors on Easter Eggs!! :)  I really love Blu.  I know I'll get a lot of use of this one.  I use Kristen a lot and Blu kinda reminds me of her. (I'll have to do a comparison post with some of these).  Pictured above is two coats of Blu.

Gei Gei:
direct sunlight

Zoya describes Gei Gei as: "A blushing cherry blossom pink metallic."  Gei Gei is such a refreshing color.  "Cherry Blossom" is the perfect description of the pink and the metallic is soft and subtle.  I have two coats of Gei Gei in the above three pictures.  (My bottle has Gei Gei spelled "Gie Gie", so it's kinda cool to have one with this error in spelling).

direct sunlight

Zoya describes Julie as: "soft wisteria purple metallic."  Julie is my favorite of The Lovely Collection!  I really thought my faves would be Blu or Gei Gei, but once I applied Julie, I changed my mind.  I really like the way Julie compliments my skintone and again, I'm loving the subtle metallic shimmer.  There's just enough shimmer to make Julie "stand out", but she's still soft and feminine.  Julie screams: "springtime!!" so Zoya really hit the nail on the head with this.  Pictured above is two coats.

direct sunlight

Zoya describes Piaf as: "Fresh Forsythia yellow metallic."  Piaf is much more of an "in your face" metallic.  In direct sun, Piaf is really bright and bold.  The first picture really is as bright as a forsythia bush!  I like Piaf, but I don't like her against my skin.  Yellows and I have never really gotten along well.. LOL.
Again, two coats is all you need for full coverage.

**This collection is amazing!  I love them all except for Jacqueline.  The colors truly are "lovely" and they all remind me of springtime (which I'm sure was Zoya's intention).  I see myself using many of these as base colors for nail art or glitter "undies."  It's no secret I love Zoya.  They're an amazing brand with quality products and customer service that's second to none.  Grab yourself a Zoya or two...I promise, you won't be disappointed!!**

Ultra long-wearing, nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.
Zoya Lovely $8 (US)
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Shipping January 01, 2013

-These polishes were provided for review


  1. I'm so jealous you got these early!! I can't wait to buy Julie purples are my favorite nail colors!

  2. I like the pink and the purple but that's it!

  3. I think Julie is pretty but that's the only one I would even consider buying.

  4. I really love this collection! I need these in my life!


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