Saturday, December 22, 2012

::whimsical ideas by pam:: Just Add Milk

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  Just a quick post today as I have a Holiday Party to attend in about an hour.  I was baking cookies with my step-daughters last night and thought Just Add Milk by ::whimsical ideas by pam:: would be the perfect polish to wear for the occasion! ;)  Here it is..

Just Add Milk:

Just Add Milk has a light brown caramel-y milky sheer base with dark brown and golden hex glitters.  This really reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie!!  I love the sheer layering base.. the glitters (chocolate chips) float around in different dimensions.  I used three coats of Just Add Milk for full coverage followed by topcoat.  I have a feeling I'll get my fill of cookies today at my Christmas Party.. HO HO HO!

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Happy Holidays!!  We have a few inches of snow here in Ohio, so we just may have a "White Christmas." :)


  1. That totally looks like cookies! Looks great on you :)

  2. That totally looks like cookies! Looks great on you :)


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