Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Precious Holo Collection from Mentality

Hey Everyone!!  Hope you're all well!  I patiently awaited until the sun came out to swatch this gorgeous collection from Mentality.  I'm glad I waited for the sun because each of these polishes from The Precious Holo Collection is remarkable..

"This collection features five jewel-toned inspired colors, with an accent sparkle and holographic effect to make your fingertips shine."


Flirt is a coppery red with beautiful sparkle and shine.  This polish is smooth to the touch and two coats are required for full opacity.  I did add topcoat to this one just for added shine!  I'm loving the holo-glow!!


Entice is a warm golden brown polish with crazy-beautiful holo shine.  I'm usually not a fan of warmer  colors, but I really love Entice..  the color reminds me of rootbeer!!  I have two coats of Entice followed by topcoat in the above pics.  Another breath-taking holo!!


Charm is my personal favorite of these five polishes.  It's a deep green, almost gray polish with gold and silver accents.  I love gray polishes, so this one caught my eye as soon as I saw the bottle.  The holo effect is amazing with Charm too.. it's flawless!


Tease is a subtle lilac holo with pretty blue shine.  The holo effect is least noticeable with Tease.  That seems to hold true for most light blue or purple holos.  I didn't add topcoat to Tease and I should it dried duller than the others.  Tease is made up of gorgeous colors, but if you're looking for a "knock-out" holo, I'd choose one of the others.


Whoa...Seduce is so beautiful!!  It's so highly pigmented, I almost used just one coat.  It's a deep royal blue with gorgeous red accent flecks and a gorgeous holo shine!  The formula with Seduce is superb!  Pictured above is two flawless coats.  I love this one too!!

**All of Mentality's polishes are great..  This is my third collection of polishes of theirs.. (I posted The Brilliant Collection and The Metallics earlier).  I love supporting Indie Polish Makers and I usually choose makers who use tons of glitter, so Mentality is a nice change.  Gorgeous polish and fantastic customer service.. what more could you ask for?**

--Each polish from The Precious Holo Collection can be purchased here for $7.75 each (this includes shipping)
--Be sure to like Mentality's facebook page here to keep updated on new polishes, sales, giveaways and other announcements.

--These polishes were sent for review


  1. Awww, I so want to get my hands on these, they are fantastic!

  2. Flirt is my favourite :) Love at first sight! I guess :)


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