Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zoya Carrie Ann..

Happy Valentine's Day!!  Yesterday I attempted two V-day Manis and I screwed them both up.  I tried to stamp again and it just turned out messy, then I had a cute pink/red polka dot mani all planned out in my head and I messed that one up too..  Ahhh!  So, I wore Zoya Carrie Ann a few weeks ago and haven't posted my pictures yet, so I figured Carrie Ann is a pretty red appropriate to share on Valentine's Day..

Zoya Carrie Ann:

Zoya describes Carrie Ann as: "Light warm scarlet red with copper, gold and pink-red foil metallic glitter."  I like Carrie Ann even though she has warm tones which usually don't match well with my skintone.  I'm glad I came across this one.  I almost forgot to post it and I haven't posted a Zoya in a while.  I also almost forgot how wonderful they are! :)

You can purchase Zoyas on their website here for $8 each!

Hope you're all having a great Valentine's Day!  What color are you wearing?


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