Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skeptical Saturday Mani.. Pretty Woman Magnetix from Rite Aid

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It's Saturday and it's time for another Skeptical Saturday Mani.  This week I chose this magnetic  polish without a name from Rite Aid.  It's made by a brand called "Pretty Woman" (I've never heard of them)... so, I'm just going to call this one Blue Magnetix. ;)  They are available in a variety of colors for $8 each and they come with two magnets each..

Pretty Woman Blue Magnetix:

I bought this magnetic polish because I've read good things about this brand.  I have a Layla Magneffect Polish and I couldn't get the magnet effect to work well.  I thought this brand would work better, but it didn't for me.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong??  I'm holding the magnet directly over each nail immediately after applying a thick coat.  It seems like the magnetic effect shows up strongly right after I hold the magnet over the polish, then fades as time goes by... Does that make sense??  Probably not.  

Moral of the story.. I really don't care for magnetic polishes and it's probably because I'm doing something wrong ... not the polish and magnetic.  If I really liked this type of polish, I'd try harder, but it's just kinda "meh", so maybe I'll try harder with the two I have, but I won't go out and purchase another. LOL

What about you?  Do you like Magnetic Polishes?  What's your favorite brand?

Happy Weekend, Kids!!


  1. On all the brands I have tried, the effect seems to "bleed" or "fade" over time, even with top you're not the only one having that issue! I've tried Layla, but I think I like the Claire's/Icing Magnetix best, and they are way cheaper!! =)

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  3. I have 1 Layla magnetic polish and had the same issues. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I do like this shade of blue, though =)

  4. i'm not crazy about the whole magnetic polish trend. it just seems kinda "meh" to me

  5. I have one of the Nails Inc ones which I LOVE, the effect shows up perfectly with it, and I have the whole China Glaze line but I have only swatched one and the effect on it did fade some. I wonder if it needs to "dry" a tad before holding the magnet over it? It's just a theory I have that maybe the polish "settles" a bit more after and that it may work better if it were a bit tacky? IDK, will test it out and see! :)

    1. Ok, so after I read your post and pondered a bit, I swatched the China Glaze You Move me, one thin coat; let dry, and then one medium coat, wait 15-30 sec, applied magnet, hold for about 20 secs and it was perfect! IDK if it will work for the others but it's worth a shot! :)

    2. Thanks Kim.. I will definitely try that!! :)


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