Friday, February 24, 2012

ManGlaze ILF and Lacquistry Silver Shredded..

Hey Guys..  Yay, another ManGlaze to show you!!  I've been drooling over this one since I ordered it a few weeks ago.  ManGlaze makes THE BEST matte polishes!  You seriously have to have at least one.. Check out their Facebook Store HERE!  ILF may be my favorite ManGlaze..  Take a look at this gorgeous sea foam green..

ManGlaze ILF:

You can see how smooth it is right in the pictures!!  Most other brands of mattes are such a pain to apply because they dry too fast and end up gloopy!  ManGlaze Polishes are such a breeze to apply and the opacity is perfect.  Above pictures are two coats of ILF, but I really could have gotten away with just one!!  I love it!!

So, I've been acquiring tons of "indie" polishes lately... Etsy is my new favorite store!! ;)  When I saw Lacquistry was stocked full of wonderful polishes, I had to snag one or two.  I chose Silver Shredded..  it's so neat.  It's like small pieces of foil suspended in a clear base..

Silver Shredded over ILF:

Maybe it reminds me more of broken glass.. hmmm.. either way, I really like these two polishes together.  Silver Shredded adds the shine of a topcoat to ILF along with the cool glass/foil pieces..  Silver Shredded was easy to apply.  Pictured above is only one coat.  I've noticed the Lacquistry Shop on Etsy is currently closed, but she'll open again soon.  I think everyone is going through the "Indie Polish Craze" right now!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)


  1. I want ILF so bad! this mani looks great!

  2. I own ILF as well, and it is my favorite along with LesbiHonest! Lacquistry is by far my favorite brand ever! I think I own 15 of hers! Love you manicure!

  3. both are pretty!! ILF is on my way, I just love it too much!!

  4. Beautiful, Jodi! I love that blue...

  5. Nice! It looks really good on you. I love when you put the shiny over the matte!

  6. Awesome!!! Looks gorgeous with the shreds. I just got ILF, can't wait to try it out!!


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