Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Girly Bits.. Cosmic Ocean and Shift Happens..

Hey Guys.. I have another post from Girly Bits today...I'm really digging both polishes I have to share with you.  Pam really has outdone herself with these two gorgeous colors..

First up is Cosmic Ocean over Revlon Royal:
Cosmic Ocean over Revlon Royal

Cosmic Ocean over Revlon Royal

Cosmic Ocean over  Revlon Royal
Cosmic Ocean is a beautiful sheer blueish greenish layering polish.  I love this duochrome! Over Revlon Royal, you can see the green a bit more vividly.  The shifts from blue to green were a bit hard to capture, but in real life, this polish is constantly changing in different lighting.  I will have to try Cosmic Ocean over a deep green or black base next time.  It's so pretty.  Above is two coats.

Ahhh... I saved the best for last... Shift Happens...............

Shift Happens:

OK, so this one may be the coolest polish ever!!  Shift Happens (such a cute name) is an awesome multichrome polish that shifts from red, to green, to yellow.. maybe there's a little orange and gold in there too! Ahhh... amazing.  I layered two coats of Shift Happens over Bettina Onix and the results are so gorgeous!!  I'm so glad I ordered a large bottle of this one!!

Pam sometimes sells her Girly Bits Polishes directly from her site HERE!
Soon you'll be able to buy these beauties at Llarowe HERE!

The prices for these two are $7 for 5ml bottles and $11.50 for the full sized 15ml bottles.
Keep your eyes peeled for these pretties to go on sale soon!!


  1. Shift Happens is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great! I really need to get some Girly Bits.

  3. Hi there..I was wondering if you'd be interested in selling your Girly Bits Shift Happens? I know this is out of the blue and likely a little strange but I figured it can't hurt to ask! And while i'm at it I may as well ask if you have Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe...and if you'd be willing to part with it? Thanks :)

    Corri( Nail Polish Junkie)


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