Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OPI.. Eat' N Eggplant and.... I'm a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday!  No pink today because I received an awesome gift in the mail on Monday...  A bottle of OPI Eat' N Eggplant from my polish pal, Destany!!  This polish has been one of my biggest lemmings for a loooong time!!  Thank You Destany!!  Your kindness is greatly appreciated!! :)  And now I must share this gorgeous shade with everyone..

OPI Eat' N Eggplant:

Eat' N Eggplant was my favorite back when I wore acrylic nails and wasn't nearly as obsessed with polish as I am now.  I know I owned a bottle at one time, but it's now long-gone and I've been lemming Eat' N Eggplant for about a year now!!  Eat' N Eggplant is a shimmery, sheer plum-brown (well, eggplant).  I know we've seen a million colors like this one, but there's no substitute for me..  I love it!  Eat' N Eggplant is VHT as it's been discontinued for a while, so I will take great care of this bottle and will be forever grateful to Destany! :)

So, if finding this surprise in my mailbox wasn't enough, I just freaking won Rebecca Likes Nails Blogaversary Giveaway!!!  I can't believe it!!  I've been on a waiting list for her franken "Rebecca Likes Cupcakes" and now a lovely bottle will be mine soon... along with a ton of other awesome prizes!!  Thanks Rebecca!! :)

Tomorrow I have my Weekly Water Marble to share with you...  Stay tuned, I really like this one..


  1. This is gorgeous, I'll have to add it to my wishlist! Congrats again on winning the giveaway!! :)

  2. Very pretty!!! Destany is an awesome friend :)

  3. Congrats on winning that giveaway :) So on your water marble did you use one of the yt vids I showed you :) I hope to see it tomorrow maybe night time..I have sinus surgery tomorrow :( Can't wait to see your water marble though :)

    1. Hi Kriss.. I decided to try swirls for my marble tomorrow :) Good luck with your surgery!

    2. Sounds pretty.. were they from one of those vids or something else? I can't wait to see what you did.. I tried hearts..water marble for mine the other day and failed on that one LOL
      Thank you so much too...about tomorrow. :)

  4. This color is so fabulous! I want it!


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